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Beauty Breaks

2016 - Present

Based in Chicago, IL, "Beauty Breaks" is a series of workshops, performance and rituals. This series aims to open up conception of black "BEAUTY" and "WELLNESS". Beauty Breaks employs creative, collective, and conversation-based practices as a means of consciousness raising. 

This series centers blackness, femininity and black-feminine leadership. 

Femme 4 Femme (F4F)

2016 - 2019

F4F is a domestic venue. We cultivate a femme community, we center blackness, and we expand upon understandings of what domestic space can be. We are artists, writers, performers, educators and healers. We have deep desires to bridge a gap between the Chicago artist transplant community and those that have been here already.

3rd Language

2012 - 2016

3rd Language was a Chicago-based collective of artists and thinkers exploring and embracing difference, otherness and transgression. We employed publication, curation and community engagement through the arts in an effort to to foster inclusive spaces for Queer discourse, action and change. We named this difference, otherness and transgression, Queer.

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