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FREE FRUIT -- 2017

Intervention at Hyde Park Art Center's Gala.

"FREE FRUIT is a pop-up concept shop, we thoughtfully pair fresh produce with language. Allowing our customers to digest fresh notions of freedom, liberation and capital exchange. Each fruit-word purchase comes with the opportunity to commit your chosen language to flesh! "


FREE FRUIT | Salesperson Talking Points - (viewable google doc)

Salespeople: A.J. McClenon, Jory Drew, Keon Dillon, Zach Nichol & Aniysa Alexander

Tattoo Artist: Andi Koch

Tattoo Artist Assistant: Dani Boachie 

Signs Conceptualized and Written by Amina Ross, Designed and Painted by Tesh Silver 

Accessories by GNATgear

Aprons Designed by Amina Ross, Constructed by Compton Quashie 


Documentation by Ally Almore & Adrian S. Burrows Sr.


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